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Video Transcripts - Our Story

About Us

[Voice Over] Over the past 75 years, our goal has been bringing fans closer to their teams. We've made premium products for fans everywhere.

Stitch by stitch we focus on quality and craftsmanship so you could focus on the game, and over time we learned that there's no wrong way to be a fan, and that every fan has a story. So whether you were born in Boston, raised in the windy city, moved from the Bronx to sunny LA, put down roots in the Bay Area, or if you simply like the look or fit.

Whatever the reason, we're all fans of something, and we all have our own story.

Our story started in 1947.

Video Transcripts - Our Story


<v Audio Descriptions> 3 fans at a Baseball stadium watching the game.

Fan 1: You want to know the story of 47? This is it.

<v Audio Descriptions> The text The ’47 story episode 1 appears on screen.

Voice Over: It started in Italy before we came here.

<v Audio Descriptions> Cartoon Map of Italy appears. Text overlay Italy 1938.

Voice Over: I keep saying we because whatever I've done my twin brother done with me.

<v Audio Descriptions> Twin founders sail to America on a boat selling water to make money.

Voice Over: Even in the boat we're looking to make a buck regardless how it could make it.

<v Audio Descriptions> Twin see New York on the boat.

Voice Over: When we land in New York and we saw these skyscrapers these buildings we had never seen before was a great feeling.

<v Audio Descriptions> Twins travel from New York to Boston.

Voice Over: So the next morning we went from New York to Boston. It was the winter months in Boston. When we arrived so the only way we could make a buck was by hustling…

<v Audio Descriptions> The twins shovelled snow, sold confectionary and flowers to make money.

Voice Over: …hustling hustling. We didn't even speak a word of English the first we learned is two cents so we started selling newspapers in front of Fenway Park.

<v Audio Descriptions> Twins sells newspapers in front of Fenway Park.

<v Audio Descriptions> Twin sneak into Fenway Park to watch a game and start selling merchandise.

Voice Over: We didn't know what baseball was all about and we snuck in and we just started hustling selling pennants and other things and that's really how we started our business of souvenirs at Fenway Park.

<v Audio Descriptions> Music Playing.


<v Audio Descriptions> 3 fans at a Baseball stadium watching the game.

Fan 1: My father and uncle started hustling in Italy and it just continued on and continued on…

<v Audio Descriptions> The text The ’47 story episode 2 appears on screen.

Fan 1: …so in 1967 that was the year that really started our business…

<v Audio Descriptions> View of Fenway Park appears.

Fan 1: …because we had enough money to buy the building next door on Yawkey Way…

<v Audio Descriptions> D’Angelo Family appears in front of their shop on Yawkey Way.

Fan 1: …at that time I've had four children, we were hustling at six years old we were running a store, my father and uncle would there but we were running it…

<v Audio Descriptions> Arthur and Henry D’Angelo metaphorically studying in Fenway Park stands.

Fan 1: …so our school was Fenway Park it was a great education because a company kept growing from four to five - six – seven – eight, it was again everyone was part of the team.

<v Audio Descriptions> 1986 World Series decoration outside the shop with customers outside.

Fan 2: In 86 Red Sox they're in the World Series they're always fighting the Yankees and now we're going to fight the Mets you see all these out-of-towners coming into Boston on what we consider our territory.

<v Audio Descriptions> The D’Angelo sons seeing competition on their territory.

Fan 2: The first World Series game at Fenway we go to every single gate until these guys move your right now get rid of it right now or else, and if the guy didn't listen threw all the stuff on the street and we clean the whole ball, I mean we physically pushed everybody out. We have to worry about competition.

<v Audio Descriptions> The D’Angelo removing competition from their territory.

Fan 1: Fenway was our turf right that was our backyard that's where we grew up so I guess Marlowe story is you do what you got to do and that's what my father always taught us.

<v Audio Descriptions> Music Playing.


<v Audio Descriptions> The text The ’47 story episode 2 appears on screen, then goes to the store front of ’47 on Yawkey Way.

Fan 1: So when in 2004, we're an established company our business is great, my father still been what he always did, hasn’t missed a game from ‘47 to 2004…

<v Audio Descriptions> Father D’Angelo watching a game at Fenway Park.

Fan 2: …and if there was a wedding or a funeral he figured a way to be at the game as well…

Fan 1: …that's, how he got the name Mayor of Fenway Park.

<v Audio Descriptions> Red Sox plays the Yankees at Fenway Park.

Fan 1: So the Red Sox playing the Yankees in the American League Championship Series and they lose the first three games we thought it was over needless to say the next three weeks for the greatest few weeks there's a Red Sox family had ever been through.

Fan 2: After the Red Sox have won the World Series it was a line all the way down Yawkey Way and around to get into the store to buy stuff…

<v Audio Descriptions> Fans celebrating Red Sox World Series win of 2004 outside of the ’47 store buying merchandise.

Fan 1: …and we're watching the registers just go crazy and went all the way to Christmas it was wild…

<v Audio Descriptions> Chart of ’47 success in sales growing over time to where it is today.

Fan 2: …and that was the beginning of morphing our company into what it is today.

<v Audio Descriptions> Shot of the D’Angelo family.

Fan 1: But we are who we are, we're a family business that works hard, that's passionate, that the same company is when my father and uncle started in 1947 selling pennants at Fenway Park.

<v Audio Descriptions> Music Playing.